We understand the importance of safety for our customers and crew. Following the govenment guidelines and clearing your blocked drain.


We will clear your blocked drain, experienced and knowledgeable crew will clear the drain so that your nightmare is over


Once the block is cleared we will CCTV the drain to look into reasons that have caused a blockage 


If we find a reason for the drain to be repaired are crew will inform you of there findings and offer a solution

Surface Water


What is surface water? Surface water is the volume or body of water that is collecting or collected on the surface such as a lake, pond or river.

What has this got to do with your property? Not every house has a lake, pond or river connected to it but at times it is the victim to rain and storms if you own a moat this is great but most don't. these down pours are becoming more advanced when they do finally hit our shores records show that as a country its getting wetter during the wetter months, as a country we are struggling with our storms when they hit us. for example, the highest rainfall totals over a five-day period are 4% higher during the most recent decade compared to 1961-1990. The amount of rainfall from extremely wet weather days has increased by 17% when comparing the same time period.

October - January are the wettest months of the year in the UK in Sussex it was recorded in November 2018 rainfall off 133.7mm in the following year November 2019 rainfall of 140.8mm an increase of 7.1mm in a single year.

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Surface Water And Soakaway System

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You can contain your surface water for your property by installing a surface water sewer and running it into a service that is already in use by the local authorities. With their system they run the water into a nearby stream, lake, pond, river or sea. These are a simple affective service that can be maintained by yourself on your own property then it is maintained by the local authority once it has left your property.

If you have a surface water drainage system in your neighbourhood then you can simply install a surface water system for your property and connect to the local system. If this is the case then you will need to check with the authority that owns the system before connecting, with this system the maintenance is low as your responsibility is only on your property once this leaves the property it is the responsibility of the authority who own the surface water line.


25 Years Experience!

Old And New

The Soakaway it is best described as a pit with rubble inside that your rainwater runs too, with these systems the life span can vary but is on average between 20-30 years before the soakaway is full. they would have been built with your property where the builders would have dug a hole, installed pipe to the it connecting it to the property then filled it with the remaining rubble or broken rubble that had been left.

Recently this type of system is not permitted as they are considered a Pollution risk, the system has no filtration design collecting debris and flushing into the soakaway eventually building up with mud and muck causing the soakaway to fail.

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The new soakaway has been designed to filter the water and as it holds the water in the container to then soak it into the ground, the design works as a crates/cells installed into the ground wrapped with a membrane then finally laying shingle around both the pipe and the crates/cells. With this system the water will run into the crates/cells it will collect there slowly exiting again and soaking into the ground this prevents a vast amount of water collecting in your garden or driveway eventually causing damage and flooding. A soakaway should be looked at as an investment as it has a lifespan of around 80 years with no maintenance and no other damage to your property if this is already taking place.


What We Do?

PM Drainage installs only the new soakaway systems for both domestic housing and commercial properties for the modern fresh start to the way that your property deals with the new extreme weather that the UK has. The new soakaway is approved both by the UK building regulations and Environmental Agencies you do not require any pre planning approval the local water supplies do not have to be informed there is no hassle with paperwork or waiting.

PM Drainage carries out the measurements the depths for you so that your property is not at any risk, 5 meters away from your property with correct depth you wont even know that it is in the ground.

PM Drainage we have years of experience in the drainage industry including working for Southern Water during the time of some of our latest storms. We have arrived at scenes where there are streets under water because the local sewers cannot keep up with the rainfall we have also visited houses and properties in the time that people have needed us to take control, fix the problem and not seen again because we have got the job done. On the other hand we were the crew that had to locate the properties that installed there surface water into a sewer , we were the crew that found who was at fault. 

Why wait to be the victim of the next storm why wait for your garden or property to be under water? Call PM Drainage today for a quote protect your property.


Mrs R

“We can’t rate these chaps highly enough. We’ve had several people to look at this problem over the last few years and no one knew how to fix it. But these guys sorted it in no time. Wish we’d found them sooner!”


Mr W

“Excellent service from Phil and Marc. They were very punctual and hard working, clean and tidy. Also they kept me informed as the work progressed. They quickly found a solution to a problem that arose and the work was still finished in a day. The quote was very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them for your drainage issues.”

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PM Drainage LTD is a family run business, meaning we take that extra bit of pride in the work we do. With over 25 years experience our teams are a strong force. We provide a personal service to each individual customer and we ensure that we leave each customer with clean and clear drains.

Why choose us? Because we understand the value of having clear running drains. We also understand the devastation a neglected sewer can cause. Communication is key and thats why we pride ourselves on having a highly professional service.


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