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The definition of rodents is as follows; A gnawing mammal of an order that includes rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, porcupines and their relatives, distinguished by strong constantly growing incisors and no canine teeth they constitute the largest order of mammals.

Sewers are ideal habitats for rats to use, they are perfect areas for them to nest and to use as a network. Nesting in the sewer can happen in the inspection chambers the chambers are built with walls and sides that give the rats an area to collect and build a nest, in tan urban area if there is a defect in the sewer such as a hole around the inspection chamber or a defective joint that has come apart, rats will utilise this to gain access moving above and below ground.

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With the use of a sewer, rats can move in built up areas without being detected as they use their own underground network, whilst the sewers contain capacity of the sewage the network system allows them to move in vast areas collecting food to then bring back to there nests. preventing access for the rats is the best ideal way to prevent rats from using the sewer network this is something that is usually carried out once its too late and the rats have entered your property.

In the winter months or wet times that we have rats will attempt to enter peoples property this is for warmth, protection and food. It is unusual to see a rat run across the living room but in older buildings you will hear them scuttling across the floors under the floor boards, they can be heard in the walls once they gain access to the cavities and the roof area where they are less likely to be seen. The sings of damage that they cause is also an indication that they have entered the property when you find that there is a small hole in the cupboards that they have chewed through, at this point it is time to act, time to install prevention as you don't want a colony in your property.


We understand the importance of safety for our customers and crew. Following the govenment guidelines and clearing your blocked drain.


We will clear your blocked drain, experienced and knowledgeable crew will clear the drain so that your nightmare is over


Once the block is cleared we will CCTV the drain to look into reasons that have caused a blockage 


If we find a reason for the drain to be repaired are crew will inform you of there findings and offer a solution

How we find them


As said before rats use the sewer as a network system, they start from the sewer and work up from there. Combating the rat’s ability of entering your property is what PM Drainage looks to do. With the use of a CCTV Camera, we would look around the property sewer checking the sewer within your boundary as the sewer beyond is not your responsibility whilst checking your sewer network we are looking for any evidence that the sewer is being used this can be droppings, cobwebs that have been disturbed, scratching and digging. We will look at all inspection chambers that you have we are looking at the lid around the edges for signs of damage, opening the chamber we will be looking at the chamber wall and surroundings for any evidence of nesting. If the chamber has signs of digging or a hole this can be the access point for the rats to enter and exit the sewer. With this hole they could run across the ground undetected and find an entrance hole into your property usually this is a hole that leads them to your cavity wall where they can access other parts of your property and at times they will come and go. With older properties we find that when there has been a renovation the removal of a toilet or waste connection to the sewer that people have not capped off, allowing the rats to enter and exit when they please. Rats and mice are agile creatures they have been known to fit into small holes to gain access to places this hole could be as small as 22mm that is why whilst we are onsite, we investigate further checking for misplaced bricks, pointing that has fallen out of the brick work, any misplaced tiles or even the old unused cable that has been cut and removed.


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“We can’t rate these chaps highly enough. We’ve had several people to look at this problem over the last few years and no one knew how to fix it. But these guys sorted it in no time. Wish we’d found them sooner!”


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“Excellent service from Phil and Marc. They were very punctual and hard working, clean and tidy. Also they kept me informed as the work progressed. They quickly found a solution to a problem that arose and the work was still finished in a day. The quote was very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them for your drainage issues.”

25 Years Experience!

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PM Drainage LTD is a family run business, meaning we take that extra bit of pride in the work we do. With over 25 years experience our teams are a strong force. We provide a personal service to each individual customer and we ensure that we leave each customer with clean and clear drains.

Why choose us? Because we understand the value of having clear running drains. We also understand the devastation a neglected sewer can cause. Communication is key and thats why we pride ourselves on having a highly professional service.


We carry out both domestic and commercial drainage repairs.


We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 



The end of your sewer this is the last part that is your responsibility before it goes to the responsibility of the local water company, the very last inspection chamber we will investigate if the Rats are able to use this section to gain access to your property. There are a few ways that can prevent the Rats from entering from the main sewer this can be from an interceptor trap or a one-way valve. The interceptor trap is an old Victorian design that is still used today this system is installed to prevent odours coming from the main sewer it is designed with a u-bend the same as you have on your toilet with an addition of a rodding access point with a cap. With this rodding access cap in place, it prevents the Rats from entering as it blocks the passage and prevents odours but allows access when required for blockages sometimes this cap is removed if this has happened this is an easy access point for Rats.

The second is the one-way valve or a Non return valve, this valve is put in place in a straight section of pipe which allows water or waste to flush through. The valve opens as it pushes and lifts allowing the water or waste to carry on, it then falls back down to the closed position preventing Rats to lift and open but importantly get into your sewer.

Once all this is in place, we do instruct that you contact a pest control company this is so that they can install poison and other methods so that the Rats that have already entered your property are killed and disposed off in a humane way British Government has laws that are in place on the grounds of pest control.

Following the government guidelines, your able to install the correct traps and poison for the right rodent, YOU CAN BE FINED OR IMPRISONED IF FOUND THAT YOU HAVE CAUSED UNECCESARY HARM TO ANY ANIMAL.

Controlling rodents yourself:

  • You can only trap or kill permitted animals

  • You can use permitted methods to kill animals

  • You can only use poison to kill the rodents that its intended for this information can be found in the written label and packaging that the poison is delivered

  • You can only use traps that have been approved for the use with the species you want to control


There are methods that are no longer in use these methods are classified as inhumane and CANNOT BE USED FOR ANY WILDLIFE.

  • Self-locking snares

  • Bows and crossbows

  • Explosives (the use of firearms have to be licensed and legal ammunition used)

  • Live birds or animals (unless you have a licence)


It is important to understand the rules and regulations that are in place concerning the use or devises to kill rodents and the type of rodent that you are trying to stop, it is an offence to keep or release rodents and such wild animals you must kill them humanely if you catch them alive.

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