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We were called to Eastbourne as the residents of a Victorian block of flats had been blocked for a month. We were greeted by the property management, a nice man who was very pleased to see us he explained that there was a basement flat who currently has sewage around the front of her property a bit like a moat but with a smell to touch the back of your throat.

He showed us all he knew about the property pointing out the last inspection chamber and at the time the only one that we could gain access to at the side of the building. He took us to an alleyway leading to the back of the flats into a road that had multiple garages informing us that he has had 2 garages open only finding one inspection chamber that he was told is not connected by a previous company. With this doubt over his head he then informed us he has had multiple companies out including tankers to empty the sewer and no luck with only one person managing to go 3 meters down and giving up informing him that the chamber is under some steps.

Luckily for him he called the right crew PM Drainage we have had several cases like this in our time working in the sewage world, even for a time being the investigation crew for Sussex for southern waters contractor. “Leave it in our capable hands, we will get it working”

We opened the only inspection chamber that we could get access to on the side of the property, Phil using the rods to get the same distance 3 meters down the customer looking worried asking questions like what happens if you cant clear it? Will you be able to tell me where it is you have got to? All the time answering him and letting him know we will do our very best.

Getting out our location equipment and sending it down we were at the foot of the steps, this is not right it has to turn we investigated a little more finding that the neighbour are the same age of building they turn and then turn again in the correct direction we traced and searched looking for any sign where the sewer goes. Finally we worked out the direction we worked out the measurements and the lining up of the sewer to the middle garage one that had not been check peering through a rusted hole we could see that this garage was now a storage space full to the top with items that had been collected by the owners over the years.

We informed the customer of our findings he was happy and started to realize that he called the right people for the job, contacting the garage owner we were allowed access the following morning.

The next day the day the nightmare will end we met the customer with smiles and no fear that we were wrong, opening the garage door it was an Aladdin’s cave items that haven’t been seen in a long time a car shell with no wheels sat there the customer understandable fearful it was under the shell. We searched in the garage within 10 minutes we had found what we were looking for, the cover for the inspection chamber.

Rusted in places this had clearly not been lifted prizing it open gaining access we saw the start of the blockage the start and the end of the nightmare. Using a high pressure trailer jet we cleared the blockage still not running correctly we began to clear towards the house expecting what we got….. a woosh and rush of sewage build up flowing through with a sigh of happiness from the customer we informed him the flats are clear.

Carrying out or CCTV investigation we were correct and found 3 turns and another inspection chamber in the places we had previously marked in the map in our minds, with the joy of the customer knowing we had cleared the flats and that there was no more faults to the sewer we cleaned the mass mess outside the basement flat allowing the lady to walk out of her flat clean once again.

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