Blocked Drains 24 Hour Service 

PM Drainage is a Trading Standards and Checkatrade approved drainage company providing a reliable, fast and efficient service.
Our engineers clear blocked drains with no call-out fee or hidden extras.
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Clearing blocked drains safely following Covid guidelines


We understand the importance of safety for our customers and crew. Following the govenment guidelines and clearing your blocked drain.


Tired of walking over that unsafe, wobbling inspection cover? Need rodent protection? Washed out with a washed up garden? check out our other services today!


Once the block is cleared we will CCTV the drain to look into reasons that have caused a blockage. 


If we find a reason for the drain to be repaired are crew will inform you of there findings and offer a solution.

Blocked drains

We understand the importance of keeping utilities clean and running. No one wants to have a blockage, causing smelly drains and possibly damage. At best a blocked drain can smell and restrict your utilities. At worst it can destroy your property/garden. At PM Drainage we can clear your drain and offer the best way to prevent it from happening again, so that your drains run smoothly and clear. 

What might be the cause of your blocked drain?

There are many reasons that your drains in Sussex could be blocked. The minor drain blockages in Sussex may be big for the resident or company but to PM Drainage it is a challenge that we are happy to accept.

A few reasons you may have a blocked drain 

There are many reasons that your drains in Sussex could be blocked. Here are a few of the most common reasons people have restricted use of utilities:

  • Food Waste (fats)

  • Soaps

  • Small objects

  • Toilet paper build up

  • Wet wipe build up

Mrs R

“We can’t rate these chaps highly enough. We’ve had several people to look at this problem over the last few years and no one knew how to fix it. But these guys sorted it in no time. Wish we’d found them sooner!”


Mr W

“Excellent service from Phil and Marc. They were very punctual and hard working, clean and tidy. Also they kept me informed as the work progressed. They quickly found a solution to a problem that arose and the work was still finished in a day. The quote was very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them for your drainage issues.”

25 Years Experience!



PM Drainage LTD is a family run business, meaning we take that extra bit of pride in the work we do. With over 25 years experience our teams are a strong force. We provide a personal service to each individual customer and we ensure that we leave each customer with clean and clear drains.

Why choose us? Because we understand the value of having clear running drains. We also understand the devastation a neglected sewer can cause. Communication is key and thats why we pride ourselves on having a highly professional service.


We carry out both domestic and commercial drainage repairs.


We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Larger reasons people experience in drain blockages

There are many reasons that your drain could be blocked. If your drain is blocked it may not be a simple fix. In most cases we are able to give you use of your utilities again. We are offering a free CCTV Survey for first time attendance, which allows us to see the condition of your drain. We can also locate what could be the cause of your blocked drain.

Here are a few of the most common reasons people have a large block in their drain:

  • Pitch fibre pipes

  • Collapsed sewers

  • Tree roots

  • Third party damage

Call us today for a free quote and advice on ways you may be able to clear your blocked drain yourself.

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